Food safety and quality

The Management of EXPORTACIONES ARANDA S.L. assumes responsibility for Quality Management, food safety and the environment in its entire context, both internally and externally, of all products, services and activities carried out.

Likewise, it delegates its functions in matters of Quality and food safety and the environment to the Head of the Quality Department, who is responsible for putting into practice and controlling the application of the measures that ensure these aspects in our products.

This, in turn, is a member of the HACCP team made up of workers from the different areas of the company with the power to give opinions and make decisions, although all employees of the company are directly responsible for Quality in their daily work.

The Quality, Food Safety and Environment Policy defined by EXPORTACIONES ARANDA S.L. It is based on the commitment to comply with customer, legal and regulatory requirements, the review and continuous improvement of all its products and processes, rationally managing technical and human resources under a sustainable system.

An important aspect of our quality policy and our objectives that derive from it, is the firm commitment to the production and preparation of safe products for the consumer, including safety, quality, legality, authenticity, food defense and product specifications. and clothing. In addition to the continuous promotion of a culture of quality and food safety among all company personnel.

For this, Management is responsible for putting the possible means to perform system review tasks, production planning and risk prevention, including training and communication of the system to all members of the company, in order to achieve an Improvement. It continues within the concept of Total Quality and food safety. It is also responsible to its clients for any non-compliance.

Our Quality System is in accordance with the HACCP, BRC, IFS, CoC, GlobalG.A.P, BioDiversity Grow, SMETA systems, as well as any other protocol that the company subscribes to, in addition to promoting the prevention of Fraud and the Defense of food through the Food Defense Plan.

Exportaciones Aranda S.L., is committed to implementing more ethical practices in its management system in its business and labor system, so that apart from accounting for its undeniable economic responsibilities, the company should be able to account to its employees, and to the society in general of its responsibilities, the company must take into consideration the need to protect the environment, public health and safety, seeking sustainable development.

The company's concern for environmental and sustainability aspects obliges it to commit to continuous improvement in environmental management and pollution prevention, acting on the significant environmental aspects/impacts of its activities, especially on the generation of toxic and hazardous waste, control discharges, control of water and energy consumption and the reduction of emissions.

Management itself is the one who has promoted this Policy and its Objectives. In addition, our full knowledge after so many years of activity in the citrus sector and our continuous communication with clients allows us to know that our Policy and Objectives respond to their needs. Even so, our quality objectives that are defined by Management and appear in the "Review Procedure by the Quality System Management" are reviewed to adapt them to the new needs that arise, they may be changed when they have achieved or have reached a satisfactory level or extend them if deemed appropriate.

The Management of the company undertakes and commits here all the operating units of the company to contribute, to the extent that corresponds to them, to compliance with the established Quality, Food Safety and Environment Policy.

Review: In Piles, September 2022