Food safety and quality

The Management at EXPORTACIONES ARANDA S.L. accepts responsibility for the management of quality, food safety and environmental issues, both internally and externally, of all its products and the services and activities it carries out.

Furthermore, the company delegates its duties regarding quality, food safety and environmental matters to the Head of the Quality Department, who undertakes the commitment to put into practice and monitor the application of measures that guarantee these aspects in our products.

In turn, this person is also a member of the HACCP team, which is made up of workers from the company's different areas who are entitled to give their opinion and have a decision-making capacity, although all employees in the company are directly responsible for quality in their daily work.

The environmental, food safety and quality policy that defines EXPORTACIONES ARANDA S.L. is based on our commitment to meet the legal requirements of both customers and regulations, as well as to revise and constantly improve all our products and processes, managing our technical and human resources in a rational way.

A major aspect of our quality policy and the goals resulting from it is our firm commitment to produce and create safe products for consumers; and so the product's safety, quality, legality and specifications are guaranteed. For this, the Management undertakes to take any necessary steps to carry out tasks related to system revision, production planning and health and safety, including providing training and information about the system to all company members with the aim of achieving constant improvement in terms of total quality and food safety.

Our Quality System complies with the HACCP Systems, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the International Food Standard and all the protocols adopted by the company.

Exportaciones Aranda S.L. aims to implement more ethical practice into its management system and so, apart from answering for its obvious economic responsibilities, the company should also be able to answer to its employees, and society as a whole, with regard to its responsibilities. Therefore, the company should take into account the need to protect the environment, public health and food safety, with the goal of sustainable development.

Our concern for environmental issues obliges us to commit ourselves to constant improvement in terms of environmental management and pollution prevention, taking action on the main environmental impacts of our activities, particularly regarding the generation of toxic or hazardous waste, waste control and monitoring water and energy consumption.

The Management itself has promoted this policy and its goals. Furthermore, our know-how after so many years working in the citrus industry and our constant, fluid communication with customers allow us to know that our policy and goals meet their needs. Even so, our quality goals are defined by the Management and are stated in the PR-16 (Quality System Management's Revision Procedure). They are checked in order to adapt them to any new needs that may arise, they can be changed once they are achieved or a satisfactory level has been reached, or they can be expanded if this is considered to be appropriate.

The company's Management undertakes to meet the environmental, food safety and quality policy established, hereby requiring every operational unit in the company to contribute to this compliance to the extent they are involved.